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After the procedure, patients can generally return to their routines with little downtime. However, we recommend that you avoid physical activity or pressing down on your jawline for the rest of the day. The effects of the therapy will take approximately 7 – 10 days to become apparent, and they will progressively enhance over the following several weeks.

  • Do not have any type of facial massage or place your face in a facial cradle for a massage for 24 hours following your injection.
  • Do not have any facial laser or electrical treatments for two weeks post-injection.
  • You may resume your skin care program the same day as your treatment, which includes wearing makeup.

Common side effects of the treatment include mild redness, soreness, and bruising. Others may also have muscular discomfort. These symptoms are only temporary though, and can be relieved by using a cold compress or over-the-counter pain medicine.

Because results are not permanent, patients may need to have the treatment again in the future.

In rare cases, your smile can become uneven following the administration of masseter relaxant injectables. This is because the risorius muscle, which plays a part in one’s smile, arises from the cheek and may cross over the masseter muscle.

Masseter Relaxant Injections in Melbourne

If you are looking to ease any facial pain you may have, Dr Jaclyn Wong in Melbourne may be able to help. She is a medical professional with many years of experience in administering masseter relaxant injections.

If you would like more information, or to request an appointment with Dr Jaclyn Wong, please contact us today.