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Benefits of Ultrasound Guided Muscle Relaxant Injections

The masseter muscle is crucial for helping us bite, chew, and talk. It’s important to ensure injections are accurate to prevent cosmetic and functional problems from occurring.

Some of the issues which can occur following a poorly placed masseter injection include:

  • Asymmetrical smiles. This is when masseter injections paralyse adjacent muscles, resulting in constrained or unnatural facial expressions. The most common outcome is a smile that is shorter on one side than the other.
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth). Poorly placed injections can impact the Parotid Gland, reducing salivary flow.
  • Paradoxical Masseteric Bulging (PMB). When muscle relaxant doesn’t evenly distribute through the masseter muscle, the remaining active sections can become overactive. This results in sections of the muscle bulging as they overcompensate. This, however, can occur during a course of treatment and will usually be corrected with top up doses to relax the remaining active portion of the masseter muscle.

Smile asymmetry and xerostomia can last 3 weeks or longer, with no real treatment options to reverse the symptoms. Only time and “wearing off” of the muscle relaxant will correct the issue.

Ultrasound masseter injections can greatly reduce the risk of these complications occurring, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients. Seeing the position of the needle in the muscle allows precise placement of the injection, avoiding areas that could cause complications and targeting areas that will give the best results.

Ultrasound Masseter Injections in Melbourne

If you need muscle relaxant injections in your jaw, be it for cosmetic, pain relief reasons or to prevent recurrent breakage of teeth/bridges, contact Dr Jaclyn Wong’s team today. Dr Wong uses ultrasound guided masseter injections to ensure her patients get the safest, most accurate injections possible.