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A root canal treatment and crown is when a dental crown is placed on a treated tooth. This is done when the damage to the tooth is extensive, and there is the potential for the treated tooth to collapse under regular bite pressure.

By having root canal therapy with a dental crown, you are helping to ensure your tooth remains intact for longer.

No. In some cases, you can just have a root canal treatment without a dental crown afterwards. This all depends on the state of your oral health, and the extent of the treatment. A crown should only be placed if the structural integrity of the tooth has been overly compromised and there’s a concern it may collapse or break under bite pressure.

Yes. This treatment removes infected pulp from your tooth, and thereby stopping the spread of infection into your gums and jaw.

Not having a root canal can result in tooth loss, as well as damage to your gums and jaw. And this damage can lead to further tooth loss.

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